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Al Hamdu lillah, Darul Uloom Sayeediya has recorded steady progress and development since its establishment in the year 1988. Alhamdu lillah Darul Uloom Sayeediya` has been providing Islamic education to the students of this city and other regions for the past seventeen years.

By the grace of Almighty Allah & due to the guidance of our elders, untiring efforts of the founders & whole hearted co-operation & assistance of all its well wishers, the Madrasa after its humble beginning in a rented house developed gradually, achieved popularity & it now has a three storeyed Madrasa / Masjid building with a capacity for the boarding & lodging of three hundred students.


Educational progress of the Madrasa is quiet satisfactory. By the grace of Almighty Allah students are offered courses in `Deeniyath`, `Naazirah ,Quran Sharif`,`Hifz-e-Quran Shareef` which has two sections &`Aalimiyath`. The student strength has been increasing constantly. it was(300) during the academic year 2005. so far several students have completed `Hifz-e-Quran` and other courses.


Qualified, experienced & able teachers have been appointed for all the above sections & two separate teachers teach kannada, English & mathematics. At present the teaching staff consists of (16)teachers & a non-teaching staff of (12)persons perform different services.  The institution with its three storeyed Madrasa/Masjid building is now a distinguished & popular Islamic institution famous throughout India. It has a capacity for boarding & lodging of about (300)three hundred students. 


Alhamdulillah, the Darul Uloom Sayeediya Trust has established Sayeediya Yatheem Khana – an orphanage for boys - with the aim of providing care and education to the deserving orphan students of our community. It is the right of every child to be provided care and education yet hundreds of orphans are deprived of this privilege due to inability of their guardians who have no financial support. Taking care of such children is the responsibility of the entire community. With this noble thought Darul Uloom Sayeediya Trust has established this orphanage. Almighty Allah loves those who help the needy. One who takes care of an orphan is rewarded with heaven by Almighty Allah, according to Ahadith. It is therefore requested to support this noble cause whole heartedly and provide all possible help

    Darul Uloom Sayeediya , requests assistance for the Madrasa (student strength 150) and Orphanage (student strength 50 )from all welfare minded persons of our community by way of sponsorship contributions or donations. They can help deserving Orphan students with donations or sponsorship contributions ( of Rs.18000/- per year @ Rs.1500/- per student per month) in respect of one or more students from their Zakath / Sadaqat or for ‘Eisal-e-Sawab’ of their deceased relatives.. These are the noble acts which Almighty Allah loves and earn His pleasure. All are requested to encourage the Management with their co-operation and assistance

      All donations may kindly be sent to us by Cheques, Bank Drafts or Money orders in the following name:

1) Darul Uloom Sayeediya            (OR)
A/c.No. 64035714077
State Bank of Mysore Kaval Byrasandra
2) Sayeediya Yatheem Khana
Amanath Co-Op. Bank Limited
Tannery Road Branch, Bangalore