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Sayeediya arabic college is a not-for-profit educational institution. It is offering various courses and will be offering new courses and is involved in research, continuing education and community services. It is aiming to be of international academic reputation.

Its primary role is to provide more opportunities of Islamic education in India and to serve as a center providing excellence in Islamic education. It prepares students for effective and ethical contribution in professional and social lives and enables them to develop as a good Muslim and a good citizen.

To create a healthy educational atmosphere that promotes excellence and values diversity and partnerships. The institution cherishes and deeply respects the rich traditions and culture of India and is committed to promotion of their harmonious existence with modern education.

The institution has some long term goals to be achieved in the course of couple of years.

Soon after the completion of the proposed project i.e., the four storeyed building, the institution intends at getting recognized by the state government of Karnataka. The Management has a plan of setting up compulsory secular education i.e., S.S.L.C(10th), Pre-University, computer education, technical education and many more plans are due to come up in the course of a short span of time.

The institution intends to make Sayeediya Arabic College, a reputed household name making way for effective Islamic education. Sayeediya Arabic College has plans for accomodating more and more students for the various courses offered.

As a long term plan the institution aims at making Sayeediya Arabic College not only an Islamic institution but also a regular vocational training centre where students have to undergo a sequential system of secular courses and Islamic courses at the same time regularly.