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Darul Uloom Sayeediya (Arabic college) is a Not-For-Profit institution established by a Group of scholars, who are the strength behind the highly successful and reliable organizations.

Hazrath Moulana Alhaj Nayyar Rabbani Saheb & Hazrath Ameer-e-shariat allama Abus Saud Ahmed Saheb had outlined a vision for Sayeediya College to become the home for Islamic educational activities. SAC appreciates and follows their vision, and wishes to contribute towards its achievement.

By the grace of Almighty Allah this institution was established in the year 1988 A. D. in a locality of very poor & illiterate residents. Ameer-e-Shariat Hazrath Allama Abus Saud Ahmed Saheb R. A. inaugurated the institution & Hazrath Nayyar Rabbani Saheb,R.A.was its first president.Alhamdu Lillah, under the guidance of eminent scholars, with the assistance of philanthropists & well-wishers & untiring efforts of the founder, this Madrasa developed steadily. Alhamdu lillah,Darul uloom Sayeediya has recorded steady progress and development since its establishment in the year 1988. By the grace of Almighty Allah.Darul Uloom Sayeediya` has been providing Islamic education to the students of this city and other regions for the past seventeen years. 

The Madrasa actually was started in a small rented house with 25 students and 2 teachers. Al-hamdu-lillah now its student strength has increased to 300 and still constantly increasing with 16 teachers and 12 non teaching staff. A plot of 11,000 sqr feet was purchased in the name of Madrasa. By the grace of Allah and due to untiring efforts of the founders and its well wishers the Madrasa finally started construction. Finally the Madrasa's new building was inaugurated on 26th December 1991 and at the same time the Masjid was also inaugurated. Since then the Madrasa steadily achieved popularity and is providing education to hundreds of students and contributing towards its development