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Respected Sir,

Assalamu Alaikum Varahmatullahi Vabarakatuhu.

An Introduction of "DARUL ULOOM SAYEEDIYA"_an Islamic educational institution, its aims, objectives and development plans is furnished below for your kind perusal.Well-wishers of Islamic institutions are requested to spare some of their valuable time to go through it.

Our city Banglore is one of the most Important cities of India and internationally famous for its information technology and allied industries.There are numerious colleges, schools and institutions which provide secular education and vocational training. But there are only a few institutions which provide Islamic education to the deserving, poor and orphan children of our community.By the grace of Almighty Allah this institution was established in the year 1988 A.D. in a locality of very poor and illiterate residents.Ameer-e-shariat Hazrath Allama Abus Saud Ahmed Saheb R.A. inaugurated the institution and Hazrath Nayyar Rabbani Saheb, R.A. was its first president.Alhamdu lillah,under the guidance of eminent scholars, with the assitance of philanthropists and well-wishers and untiring efforts of the founder, this Madrasa developed steadily. It is privileged to have the guidance of several distuinguished Islamic scholars including Ameer-e-Shariat Hazrath Moulana Mufti Ashraf Ali Saheb and other eminent personalities of our Society.

The Institution with its three storeyed Madrasa/Masjid building is now a distinguished and popular Islamic Institution famous throughout India.It has a capacity for boarding and lodging of about (300) three hundred students and offers "DEENNIYATH","NAAZIRAH","HIFZ-E-QURAN" and "ALIMIYAT" courses to the seekers of Islamic knowledge.All the students are provided instructions in the regional language Kannada, English and computer application.

To meet the growing strength of students as well as to provide vocational training aimed at the upliftment of the youth of our community the Management of "DARUL ULOOM SAYEEDIYA" has certain development plans.It has acquired a vacant site measuring 11,000 sq.ft. at a cost of Rs.25 lakhs (2.5 million rupees).A four storeyed building is proposed to be constructed there at an estimated cost of Rs. 2 crores (20 million rupees).This building, when completed, will Insha Allah, accommodate the Alimiyath, Tajweed, Tafseer and Hadith sections and a portion each would be set apart for computer section, vocational training section, library etc.while the existing building would retain "Deeniyath","Naazrirah" and "Hifz-e-Quran" sections.The Management intends to provide secular education also to students and enable them to write SSLC and Pre-University examinations and efforts would be made to have recognized by the state Government.

The above objectives necessitate construction of an addtional building as proposed.As it is, all well-wishers are requested to contribute generously both for construction and mainteinance of the Madrasa/Masjid as it has no permanent source of income.

Those donors who are interested in bearing the construction cost of a portion of the building fully or partly are requested to contribute towards "SADAQA-E-JARIA" in the their names or in the name of their deceased relatives.All sorts of donations may kindly be sent to us by Cheques, Bank Drafts or Money orders in the following name:

A/c. No. 2495.Amanath Co-operative Bank Ltd.
Tannery Road Branch
Banglore - 560045

All possible assistance may kindly be extended to enable us to provide better and more service to our community.Further, deserving "Hifz-e-Quran", Students may be helped with sponsorship contributions.An expenditure of about Rs.30,000/- has to be borne for a period of four years which a Hifz student needs to complete the course and become a Hafiz.Such sponsorships will help both the students and the institution.
Theses are the noble acts which earn pleasure of the Almighty.
May Allah be pleased with our efforts and grant His blessings to all of us.