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The Management is thankful to all the donors and well wishers of this institution who have been contributing financially & with thier valuable suggestion towards its maintenance, development & expansion.we pray to Almighty Allah to reward them handsomely for their noble deeds both in this world & in the hereafter. :


1.Alhaj Meer Mohammed saleh Ameer Jan saheb, (President)

2.Alhaj S.Abdul Rasheed saheb,Malabar Beedi Works (Vice-president)

3.Alhaj Syed Abdur Rahim Sayeed saheb Rashadi, (Secretary)

4.Alhaj Engineer Abdul Majeed saheb,P. W. D. (Retd.)

5.Alhaj Ataullah Shareef Kamal saheb

6.Alhaj shafeeq Ahmed Zackria saheb

7.Alhaj Mohammed Khalandar saheb, DSP

8.Alhaj Syed Muneer Ahmed Malik Saheb, President, Sultan Shah Mosque(Markaz)

9.Janab Dr.Syed Abdur Rub Saheb,Dental Surgeon

10.Alhaj S. Mohammed Kaleemullah Saheb, Ismail Company

11.Alhaj Muneer Sait Saheb Fazal

12.Janab Syed Khaleel Pasha Saheb,,Advocate